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Pastis is the quintessential quaff of Provence. Named from the Provençal word “pastisson” (mixture), this refreshing mix of anise and aromatic herbs is ideal for sipping in the sun – just add water and ice.

This trio of classic pastis cocktails is served on patios across Provence. Choose from nutty, fruity, or minty.


– 1 oz Ricard
– ½ oz orgeat (almond syrup)

Created by French soldiers fighting in Algeria, this tipple is made with orgeat, an almond, sugar, and fleur d’orange syrup that evokes the flavors popular in Mediterranean sweets.

– 1 oz Ricard
– ½ oz grenadine

This drink is named for the color (tomate = tomato) not the flavor, for the crimson hue comes from fruity grenadine.

– 1 oz Ricard
– ½ oz mint syrup

This refreshing, bright green beverage matches the brilliant plumage of a perroquet, French for “parrot”.

French-born and NYC-based bartender Maxime Belfand likes pastis for its versatility—it goes down easy in a gimlet, a Collins, or other cocktail styles. From his personal stash of craft-cocktail recipes, here’s one of his favorite ways to shake up Ricard.

– 1 oz Ricard
– 1 oz Lillet Rose
– 1 oz fresh watermelon juice
– ¾ oz blueberry cordial syrup
– Pinch of fleur de sel

Fill a highball glass with crushed ice. Add ingredients as listed. Garnish with mint and pickled watermelon rind.


Alexis Steinman is an American food & travel writer who is proud to call Marseille home. The francophone and francophile’s first foray into Provence was a family Thanksgiving spent in the hills of the Luberon. While working a wine harvest in Cote de Rhône, she stumbled upon Marseille. After 2 days swimming in the Mediterranean, checking out Le Corbusier, devouring fresh sardines, and marveling at MUCEM, she was hooked on the multicultural melting pot that reminds her of NY, LA, and Seattle, her former homes. If you want tips on navigating the vibrant port city, you can find her on @yeswaymarseille and on her English site, Yes Way Marseille.
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