Olive accolades

Solid Value

The strong resurgence of natural products has inspired a new passion for this emblematic fruit. Because what could be more Provençal than olives and their delicious oil? Tanche, Picholine, Saloneque…As many olive varieties as local terroirs can be found here.
From there, it’s all a matter of taste.

The favoured partner of regional dishes, olive oil, today and more than ever, is recognised for its gustatory qualities and its cosmetic and health benefits.

Forever in fashion, olive oil makes for unforgettable cuisine. In Provence, different olive oils can be distinguished by their wide variety of flavours. While in former years it lost some of its stature to the strong competition of other oils such as peanut oil, today it is touted for its merits and the qualities it has possessed for centuries have again become fully acknowledged.


  • 100 g pitted black olives
  • 20 g capers (“Tapene” in Provençal dialect)
  • 40  g anchovies

Crush up all ingredients  or run them through a mixer with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and a bit of freshly ground pepper It’s ready to serve. While today it’s a cold appetizer, this classic dish for harvesters served as a meal for working in the fields…

Everything you need to know about olive oil

Moulin des Bouillons – GORDES
This olive oil mill is the oldest mill to be preserved intact with all of its equipment. Since the first century, several different olive presses have been used at this site. A must-see: the last enormous press, weighing 7 tons and 10 meters in length, dates back from the 16th century. This functional mill, with its tanks carved into rock and its Roman pipes, tells the story of olive oil and Marseilles soap   in  the  Mediterranean. Collection  of  oil lamps, amphoras…

Olive Tree Eco-Museum – VOLX
A  site  dedicated  to  the  living  culture  of  the olive tree.  Interactive and  audiovisual devices, fun sensory activities… From traditional soap production to tasting sessions, an invitation to travel, see and taste the Mediterranean. In the corner   boutique,   among   the   different   types of olive oil is a selection of grocery products: tapenade,  truffle  and  meat  paté…  As  well  as various types of oil in bulk and mix several kinds to make your own recipe…

Maison de l’Olivier  – LE VAL
In this old oil mill dating from the 18th century you can visit a permanent exhibition entirely dedicated to the olive tree, displaying the different stages of olive tree cultivation and mill production…  It has an interactive model that’s  an exact reproduction of an old oil mill, which lets visitors experience the work of the olive millers. Many of the tools from the era are on display. The beautiful paintings made on olive tree wood are also a must-see.