October events in Provence

Octobre en Provence

With the grape harvest mostly done, locals are concentrating on the olive harvest this month. You’ll drive by olive groves and see wooden ladders hidden among the trees. The olives vertes cassées made by many people still at home have appeared in supermarkets and every store. This month we’re celebrating the arrival of squash and the beginning of the soup season. The weekly markets are slowing down, but there’s still plenty to see and do in Provence. Here is my list of the most interesting October Events in Provence.

Parcours de l’ArtAvignon
Contemporary artists all throughout Avignon open their ateliers/workshops and galleries to the public. Walk around Avignon and admire the art. Get a map from the tourist office. 

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CuriousProvence is about living and experiencing Provence as an anglo abroad. I aim to share my passion and knowledge (or attempt to gain knowledge) of local food, wine, markets, festivities and other interesting cultural particularities.If you live in Provence, or are planning on visiting, I can help to point out festivals to look forward to (as local tourism websites can be incredibly difficult to navigate) and tips on places to visit.



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