Jany magnifies lavender

As New Yorkers know, Provence is home to several starred chefs. In Château Arnoux, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, La Bonne Etape speaks for itself. Jany Gleize delights his visitors’ taste buds by combining local flavors in surprising ways.

When asked what he would propose to a New Yorker, he spontaneously answered, “Lavender honey ice cream in its hive. It’s a dessert I’ve been serving since 1985. I served it on July 14th, 1989, at the dinner for the Heads of State invited by François Mitterrand to commemorate the bicentennial of the French Revolution. I remember that the American President, George Bush, quite liked it.” Every year, American citizens come into his restaurant. “They are tourists visiting our region off the beaten path and who want a surprise. Americans are open to other traditions, they have managed to maintain their inner child, their inner explorer.” More than any longwinded speech, this dessert speaks of a delicious, intimate Provence, full of scents and colors. In 2016, Jany Gleize had the excellent idea to publish his first book, “50 recettes, la Bonne Etape, son histoire” (“50 Recipes, la Bonne Etape and its History”, published by Editions Brigitte Eveno). It will whet your appetite while awaiting your own visit to the restaurant someday.

Lavender honey ice cream in its beehive

Credit: labonneetape.com


  • 400g lavender honey
  • 20cl whipping cream
  • 40 cl whole milk
  • 6 egg yolks


  1. Heat the honey (just melted)
  2. Whisk thoroughly the yolks during 3 min
  3. Boil the milk
  4. Continue whisking while pouring the hot honey onto the yolks, then the milk without waiting
  5. Leave to cool
  6. Add the cream
  7. Allow to freeze in a sherbet machine
  8. Serve in a beehive shaped biscuit, lavender syrup around, the roof made of spun sugar

You also might more simply make a treat of the simple and naked ice cream, and closing your eyes, imagine and see the lavender fields, beehives, listen to the bees buzzing and who knows ? hear the crickets singing.

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