Best Markets in Provence

My Favourite Markets

Just about every village in Provence has a weekly market. Some villages have markets that occur twice a week or even daily! Markets are absolutely my favourite part of living in Provence. We can easily spend a day wandering through the stalls and people watching as we sit at a wonky table with a couple glasses of rosé. The weekly market is a ritual that is truly part of living in Provence. On Sundays you’ll see whole families shopping together as kids amazingly express great interest in the new vegetables of the season.

Markets in Provence © Curious Provence

If you’re planning on visiting Provence you must visit one of these wonderful events. Everyone has their favourites, but these are mine. I judge based on the quality of the produce, variety, ambiance and the ever so important factor- are there cafés positioned with a great view on sunny terraces?

I’ve been to all of these many times. I’ve included a “day out” plan with each of them if you want to make the most out of your market experience. All markets included in this list are morning markets. In the warmer weather the stalls are set up by 9 am and go until 12:30. In the winter, all these markets still occur, though they are smaller and start a little later.

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